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Street Sign Significance

Street Sign Significance - Other aspects of Parisian...

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1Will Roper Streets Sign Significace HIST 210 This week’s article, Reading Street Signs, is much like last week’s article on sewers in that it takes a closer look at something usually looked over in cities, and that is street sign names. It also focuses mainly on Paris, but unlike last week’s reading, I have no further appreciation for street names. The author takes the reader through the history or street naming and designs, and shows how street names can tell a lot about a city’s cultural and social history. City street names can be named after just about anything and everything, but in early developmental stages of Paris, the streets were named after those who wished to make a lasting impact on the city, namely the aristocracy. As a matter of fact over one-fifth of all street names in Paris and accounted for by the “elites.”
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Unformatted text preview: Other aspects of Parisian culture is shown on other streets. Paris has more streets named after authors than most cities in the world. The article goes on to compare street design and naming to American cities and the differences were not surprising. American cities seem to be aimed more towards the future and efficiency, while the long, slow history of urbanization in Europe resulted in awkward, short street designs compared to the long, structured urban designs of America. The article does a fine job of demonstrating the many ways streets can celebrate cultural identity. I did feel like I missed out on parts of the article by not being able to read French. Streets signs can be just as significant as other social icons in cities, while not always as obvious....
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