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biology assignment - Unit IV Assignment 1 a A life table...

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Unit IV Assignment 1. a. A life table shoes how the birth and death rates vary with age. A species’ life history can refer to a pattern of birth, reproduction and death. b. Possible life history traits are age of first reproduction, frequency of reproduction, length of reproductive activity, or the number of offspring/brood. A dandelions life history strategy is to “live not so long, mature early, have many offspring”, while a large mammals life history strategy might be to live long, produce few offspring, but to make sure those offspring reach full maturity. c. “Trade-offs” can refer to an organism balancing whether to place all your “energy” towards surviving or reproducing. Choosing which you place more energy towards and whether each is significant enough to direct your energy towards obtaining or sustaining. 2. a. The Carrying Capacity is the maximum population size a particular environment can support. b. The Carrying Capacity affects the population in many ways, if the population size is below K or the carrying capacity, there will be more births to increase the population. If the population size is above K, then there will be more deaths so that the population
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biology assignment - Unit IV Assignment 1 a A life table...

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