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Types of interst groups - cannot deny these benefits to non...

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Types of interst groups i) Business oriented groups- state govts regulate a lot… so these groups want to have a say ii) Professional groups- work on behalf of members of particular professions . ex. Teachers unions state bar associations iii) These groups often play influential role shaping lisensing/ conduct standards b) Government groups-loval governments often have full time lobbyists who monitor lawmaking in state legislatures c) Public interest groups- public interest groups do not work to obtain material benefits from government i) Instead they try to advance causes they fell benefits the public good 2) Group formation a) Free rider program- many interst groups that see benefits for their members
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Unformatted text preview: cannot deny these benefits to non members b) Policy making often involves “collective goods”- these are things shared by citizens as a whole 3) Why do people join interest groups? a) Coercion/ peer pressure- labor unions historically used coercion to get members to join their groups b) Selective incentives- interest groups often cannot deny non-members benefits of govt. policies but some perks exist that groups can deny to non members c) Solidarity-join groups because of social connections with other individuals who feel strongly about an issue...
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