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When it comes to handling “redistributive” policies A. the federal government is generally more willing to pay for these policies than state/local governments B. the federal government is generally less willing to pay for these policies than state/local governments C. governments no longer have to address these policies in modern times D. none of the above answer: A 1) aggressive use of the interstate commerce clause of the us constitution (espically during the 60’s and 70’s a) icc allows congress to regulate vast areas of the economy b) icc used to justify creation of many major federal laws over time c) fed govt has used icc and “preemption” to federalize many policy areas….increases control of fed govt relative to states d) ex clean air act, clean water act, civil rights act of 1964 e) (icc ties into preemption because it is often used as a justification to preempt state laws) f) supreme court has imposed some limits on use of icc g) supreme court struck down the gun-free school zone act, arguing law ahd nothing
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