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1) Packing- “waste” votes by redrawing district lines so that a particular district will be totally lopsided in favor of one party a) This makes surrounding districts safer for the opposition party b) Purposely drawing districts to dilute minority group strength is illegal c) “majority-minority” districts-districts drawn to include a majority of minority voters supreme court generally suspicious of these districts d) some states have taken redistricting power away from state legislatures, given to independent nonpartisan commissions instead 2) the lawmaking process a) step one- bill is introduced in assembly or senate b) speaker assigns bill to committee. Important power… helps majority party control legislative agenda c) step two- committee/subcommittee evaluation of the bill i) hearings –public forums where interested parties can comment on bill before the committee ii) markup-changing the substance of the bill (taking provision out, or adding them) iii) most bills never make it to past committee stage
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