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Grass roots lobbying - 5 Diversity of state industry a...

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1) Grass roots lobbying- a) interests groups stimulate their members or the public to contact legislators and express concern about an issue 2) Publicizing voting records/issue positions of politicians a) At election time interest groups can run ads against politicians and try to embarrass them, using voting records as evidence or can do the opposite and endorse candidates 3) Campaign assistance a) Political action committees organizations whose purpose is to collect and distribute money to political candidates b) Pac can get around state limits on donations by encouraging individual members to also make contributions c) Practice is called “bundling d) Another way pacs can get around contribution limits is through voter education campaigns e) These are political ads that do not directly endorse candidates but simply mention how they have voted on certain issues 4) Variations in interest group power across states a) How does political environment affect group power
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Diversity of state industry a) States more diverse economies harder for one industry to influence policy 6) Professional vs citizen legislatures a) More group influence in citizen legislatures b) Part time nature of service means legislators may not have the resources to get informed on issues, so consult w/groups to get informed 7) Political culture a) Moralistic states generally less tolerant of powerful interest groups trying to control public policy b) Traditionalistic and individualistic states groups generally more powerful 8) Concentrated and dispersed benefits and group formation a) Why so many corporate/business focused groups relative to citizen-orientated groups? b) Concentrated policy costs/ benefits stimulate interest groups to form c) Dispersed cost and benefits…less incentive to organize because individuals are not as sensitive to small costs or benefits...
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  • Spring '08
  • Dr.Bohte
  • Political action committee, political action committees, individualistic states groups, voter education campaigns, policy costs/ benefits, group power

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