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State Legislatures 1) functions of state legislators perform a) policy making/lawmaking i) with participation from governors, state legislatures make state laws b) representing constituents i) several different ways to represent constituents (1) policy representation (a) delegate- legislator makes policy decision based on feeling of citizens (b) trustee- legislator uses own judgment (more than feelings of citizens) (2) casework-answering constituent requests for service (3) bring home the pork- “pork barrel” politics involves obtaining material benefits for district c) oversight- monitoring state agienceis i) legislatures make laws, expect agencies to implement them. Periodically, legislators review agency activities 2) features of professional legislatures
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Unformatted text preview: a) holding a seat is considered a full-time, rather than half or part time job b) low turnover. Members try to hold on to their seats c) professional slegislatures give members staff help and services i) ex profess legis: wiscosnin 3) incumbency advantage a) once state legislators reach office their chance sof being re-elected are good b) visibility- media converage of legislators amounts to free advertising, helps name recognition with voters c) money- incumbents tent to attract more compaign money than challengers i) incumbent legislators sit on key committees that write legislation. Legislators can shape policy to help their districts ii) they engage in “credit claiming” at re-election time”...
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