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11.12.07 - cinema verite g reenactments recreating an event...

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11/12/07 Film Studies Matt Remter Tasha Oren 1) Other Cinematic Shapes and documentary and experimental films a) Documentary films- a non-fiction film that presents real objects , people, events b) Experimental films- films that explore film form and subject matters in new and unconventional ways, ranging from abstract image and sound patterns to dreamlike worlds c) Nonfiction- films presenting factual descriptions of actual events, persons, or places, rather than their fictional or invented recreation d) Non-narrative films organized in a variety of ways besides storytelling e) Handheld cameras- smaller, lightweight cameras that can be carried by the operator rather than mounted on a tripod f) direct cinema- a documentary style originating in the united states in the 1960’s that aims to observe an unfolding situation as unobtrusively as possible; related to
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Unformatted text preview: cinema verite g) reenactments- recreating an event of situation h) imaginative practices- present experiences according to inventive and creative organizations that commonly defy realistic or rational logic i) Cumulative exposition- a catalog of images or sounds throughout the course of the film. j) Metaphoric forms- link or associate different objects images events or individuals in order to generate a new perception emotion or idea k) Symbolic forms- isolate discrete objects or singular images that can generate or be assigned abstract meanings, either meanings already given those objects or images l) Rhetorical positions- shape those formal pratices of the films according to certain perspectives and attitudes....
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