Film Notes 12.3.07 - Two traditions: classical and...

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Film Notes 12/3/07 Matt Remter Film Studies 101 Tasha Oren Narration and narrators Narration- the point of view that emotionally and intellectually shapes how a plot materials appear and what is or is not revealed about them Narrators and narrative frames are frequently used to signal the specific perspective of the narration First person narration uses I Voiceover= commentary Most common strategy is signal first person narration through a voiceover Classic form is omniscient narration (version of 3 rd person narration) Reflexive narration describes movies that call attention to the narrative point of view To shape memory and to make history Narratives describe the different temporal experiences of individuals Narratives reflect and reveal the shapes and patterns of larger social histories
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Unformatted text preview: Two traditions: classical and alternative narratives Classical film narratives Are centered on one or more central characters who propel the plot with a cause-and0effect logic Develop plots with linear chronologies directed at certain goals Employ an omniscient or a restricted narration that suggests some degree of realism Classic narrative offers 3 part structure 1 the presentation of a situation or a circumstance 2 the disruption of that situation often as a crisis or confrontation 3 the resolution to the disruption alternative narratives deviate from or challenge the linearity of the narrative undermine the centrality of a main character question the objective realism of classical narration...
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Film Notes 12.3.07 - Two traditions: classical and...

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