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Group Assignment #4 Matt Remter English 201 3/27/07 When discussing my academic career I think of all the tings I want to accomplish through out my time here. Now For my time at UWM the obvious answer is to first say that I want to essentially graduate college with a academic degree. But to further my goal I want to also look at the fact that I have more than that that I want to accomplish. I want to be able to say that I want to say that I was able to further my thought and not be constrained by the box that society puts me in and to be able to think outside that box and to further my knowledge of subjects. I want to be able to have a higher sense of critical inquiry. I have a major goal of being able to get through English 201 class for I find it difficult and I know it’s going to be challenging to get a good grade in the class. Now when reading the assignment we were supposed to do and trying to understand the piece we were suppose to read I was royally confused. I had no idea what
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