remter Assignment 6 - Assignment #6 Matt Remter English 201...

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Assignment #6 Matt Remter English 201 3/2/08 Math 116 college algebra with trigonometry or better know as the demise to my existence. You open the book only to have sentences of great vocabulary come popping out at you. The book is written at a level of what to me is considered high reading level, or seems so to me. As I begin to read each page I must take a break before my head hits the paper from the drowning out of uninteresting material. Now sure the material itself is not the greatest to read about but the terminology they use, had to be of course, sounding as though they were of higher intellect and they had to make this known that I was not at the same reading level as them. They could have put this in layman’s terms to make it more understandable to the wider masses. Now I look and think ok everyone must know the basic skills of how to speak and, justifiably, understand what is being said. Now do you need to use complex terms in an area like math when in reality they are not needed? You see so many people saying how they hate math and how it’s the worst subject ever but has anyone stopped to think that maybe the reason why it is so hard is the basic principle of vocabulary? Bartholomae describes the idea of the adult reader of the early 1900’s and how the literary society viewed the situation of how to get the adult reader to become a proficient
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This essay was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course ENGLISH 201 taught by Professor Royalbonde-briggs during the Spring '08 term at Wisconsin Milwaukee.

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remter Assignment 6 - Assignment #6 Matt Remter English 201...

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