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remterGroup Assignment 3 - ideas I can also correlate the...

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Group Assignment #3 Matt Remter 3/5/08 English 201 The essay we are to write is a process of self inquiry to the texts and the peoples writing whom we have seen in class. To then take this inquiry and form it into a statement that would serve a purpose in finding or at least attempting to come close to a clear point or direction of the paper. I will take the key terms and group them together to correlate a clear response. I want to take these terms and show two different points giving the broader scope of what was happening. Give the first side and then argue the second side. I want to then give what I believe to be the best argument on the subject and the opinion that I hold I want to try and do essentially the same thing with using peoples work. I want to show that each paper had a different idea and how they correlated but yet also differed. But this will also be able to use the aspect of citations to help support rather than just
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Unformatted text preview: ideas. I can also correlate the terms to the citations because terms are only words without meaning and putting them with the citations gives clear definition to the terms. Lastly I want to use the citations from the paper to back up both the terms and the people’s ideas. Using the actual textual evidence then you will be able to get your own opinion and also have the different ideas that were already stated to maybe help back what you think is the better statement or maybe make your own idea. In hindsight I just want to dictate both what is going on in the essays and correlate them together in to a clear and concise argument. Using the key terms, anonymous papers, and the articles to offer an idea and a proposition to what the readings have been saying....
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