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unnumberd assignment - Literacy Matt Remter English 201...

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Literacy Matt Remter English 201 3.9.08 The word literacy it brings many thoughts to mind. The thought of readings, understanding and speaking all are words that can be described as the main categories to literacy. Literacy has no clear definition in mind but to me seems more of a concept than anything else. Reading, part one of literacy. I believe reading to be part of literacy because without reading you have no way of being literate. Our society is based on documents and being able to read to be able to get through life. You have to read everything from signs to documents of laws and rules in society to be able to function smoothly through life. You must be able to read everything from signs on the street to being able to read paper documents that you would get in the mail, bills or paper document etc. The second part to literacy would have to be the concept of speaking. Now to be able to be literate you would have to take the next step towards literacy by being able to speak a language. To function in society you need to be able to communicate with others.
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