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Weekly Response Week 1 Matt Remter English 201 1/26/08 Literacy: the ability to read and comprehend and speak a language. The term is used as a generality to say whether a person fully understands a language and to the ability they can function in a society that is followed by this language. Literacy is also a measure of how education is put into place. The idea of being literate is used to determine the factors of how well a country or place has put in their education and how well the education is working to further the knowledge of society. Literacy touches more than the people learning how to become literate. It also deals with the teacher whom has to teach the pupils how to become more well-read and become functioning members of society. This brings the point of how it affects society. The society has to deal with literacy to communicate and without communication there is no way of furthering society. The course descriptions can be pieced apart into a category of different key terms. Some of these key terms are intensive, proficient, volunteers, development. Intensive is key because it tells you the most about the course. It won’t be a laid back class but instead you will be going through a rigorous element of homework or activities to help with making you a more proficient writer. This brings us to the next key term that being the
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This essay was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course ENGLISH 201 taught by Professor Royalbonde-briggs during the Spring '08 term at Wisconsin Milwaukee.

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remterweek1 - Weekly Response Week 1 Matt Remter English...

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