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Response Matt Remter English 201 11/24/08 English 201 will be a challenging and difficult course for me. I can not say that English is my greatest forte but I will surely give it my best. I am excited to have the experience of working with the fifth graders. With all bull shit behind I truly do think it will be a fun time doing this every week. I am no stranger to the service learning course before because I had to do it in another class where I took esl students and had to teach them how to speak English. I expect this class to help me in being more active in the classroom rather than being the passive self I usually am. I am used to just letting others talk and letting myself just listen the whole class period absorbing what is said and never giving my own take on the situation. It will be hard to change the ways of my usual
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Unformatted text preview: classroom behavior but changing may be a good thing making me pay more attention to the subject or topics. Also the facts of having to work in groups will be a challenge. I am usually the one who doesn’t like to work in groups because the participation of the group is not always what I expect and then I put everything on my shoulders in the end because I want to get it done and get it done my way. I usually would rather do the whole project myself just to make sure it is done right and in the way that I thought it should be done. In all I expect to become a better student by becoming a participant in class and open myself up to trying other things with the service learning part of the class....
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