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Lusonas - We tried a combination of monolineal and...

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12) We tried several lusonas, and we yielded non-monolineal lusonas whenever we had dimensions where the height and the width were even numbers. After several more attempts we found that when the greatest common factor was 1, then the lusona was always monolineal. 3) When two rectangles are overlapping with two dots, when will they produce a monolineal figure?
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Unformatted text preview: We tried a combination of monolineal and non-monolineal rectangles. We tried two rectangles, one monolineal and the other not, and we did not get a monolineal figure. We yielded the same results when we connected two non-monolineal rectangles. The only figures we found to remain monolineal, were the result of two monolineal rectangles being connected....
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