Defense of Ethnomathematics

Defense of Ethnomathematics - 1 When are we going to use...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 When are we going to use this? This is the question asked by nearly every child who has ever taken a math class in elementary and middle schools across the country. Modern mathematical curriculum is taught by showing how to use it in problems, but rarely is the cultural aspect of mathematics shown. It is being turned into a discipline without cultural connections or significance. Before I took the course Cultural Approaches to Math, I had literally no knowledge of the cultural aspects of math or how it came to be what it is today. In classrooms today, children are expected to memorize formulas and procedures without gaining a deeper understanding of what they are memorizing and how it relates to the world around them. Ethnomathematics bridges the gap between culture and math, forming a connection between the surroundings of a child and the world of mathematics. When a student sees the origins of mathematics and why it works, then he or she will form their own connections in his or her own...
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