Allende Paper (Graded)

Allende Paper (Graded) - Allende's Demise Foreign Policy in...

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1 Allende’s Demise: Foreign Policy in Chile 1970-1973 Will Roper Political Science 273 A question of debate among many political theorists is if a Marxist leader can be democratically elected. Salvador Allende could have been one of the only leaders to be democratically elected as a Marxists. After a long history in politics and a failed run for president in 1964, he finally won the presidency in 1970 which was destined to be short-lived from the beginning. What economic and political decisions did Allende make during his short term which might have lead to a drop in popularity and the eventual military coup by General Pinochet? After his inauguration, Allende began to carry out his platform of implementing socialist programs in Chile, called La Vía Chilena al Socialismo (the Chilean Way to Socialism) (Collier p. 335). This included nationalization of large scale industries, a thorough reform of the health care system, a reform of the educational system, a program of free milk for children, and a furthering of his predecessor’s, Eduardo Frei Montalva, agrarian reform (p. 337). He also froze prices while increasing salaries. While Allende did a lot inside Chile, his foreign policy with the rest of the world had a large impact on what would eventually become of Chile and its economy. The two main actors in Chile’s foreign policy were obviously the United States and the Soviet supported countries, more specifically Cuba. On one side Fidel Castro and Cuba encouraged Chile to continue to nurture the socialist ideals, while the United States obviously opposed what Chile’s new government stood for. Almost immediately after Allende’s election, the Nixon Administration directed the CIA and the U.S. State Department officials to “put pressure” on Allende’s government (Sanford p.97). However, Castro saw Allende’s victory as a major
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opportunity to breach the wall of isolation that the United States and its allies had sought to erect around him. These decisions by Chile to establish relations with Cuba created more problems than they solved. Despite immediate tensions with the United States, Chile did not want to increase the
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Allende Paper (Graded) - Allende's Demise Foreign Policy in...

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