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Week 6; Stem Cell Research

Week 6; Stem Cell Research - Stem Cell Research A What are...

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Stem Cell Research A. What are Stem Cells? a. Cells found in all multi-cellular organisms b. Self-renewal and potency: stem cells have the ability to renew their own cells through mitotic cell division and can develop into a diverse range of specialized cell types i. May grow tissue or even an organ, no immunologic rejection B. What is Human Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) Research? a. To harvest embryonic stem cells from embryos created for reproductive purposes i. Requires destruction of human embryo b. In vitro fertilization (IFV) clinics usually offer frozen embryos c. Embryos are not created for stem cell research i. For many countries C. Political Controversy a. 1995, Bill Clinton approves Dickey Amendment (no public funding for ESC) b. 2006, George Bush vetoes the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act c. 2002, CIHR funding guideline “human ESC research will be funded only if it uses surplus embryos from fertility therapy, provided donors consent and no commercial transaction is involved” D.
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