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Week 7; Genetic Engineering

Week 7; Genetic Engineering - Genetic Engineering A Human...

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Genetic Engineering A. Human enhancement a. Enhancement of a person’s cognitive and/or physical ability through artificial means i. “artificial means” refers to genetic engineering and chemical substance b. Transhumanism is the view that supports human enhancement (QUIZ QUESTION) B. Examples a. Enhance children’s memory capacity b. Doping in sports c. Viagra C. Non-therapeutic Purposes a. Usually, the therapeutic application of gene technology (eg. for autism) is not classified as human enhancement b. Disability: chronic physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities D. Different Positions a. Human enhancement, morally obligatory (Julian Savulescu) b. Some forms of human enhancement are permissible c. Human enhancement is impermissible, but therapeutic genetic engineering permissible d. Most genetic engineering impermissible (disability-rights activists) i. “it is the Nazi eugenic” E. Savulescu’s Argument for Human Enhancement a. Choosing not to enhance is wrong in the case of dietary supplementation b. There is no morally relevant difference between genetic interventions and dietary supplementation c. If we have an obligation to treat and prevent disease, we have an obligation to give an individual the best opportunity of the best life through gene interventions d. Choosing Not to Enhance is Wrong (the Neglectful parents) i. The neglectful parents give birth to a child with a special condition ii.
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