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Dependency Paper (Graded) - Capitalizing Capitalists...

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1 Capitalizing Capitalists Dependency Theory was first emerged in the 1960s in Chile as opposition to modernizationists’ claims that the “backwardness” of Latin America was caused by their lack of correct values. Dependency theory claimed the problem Latin America was facing was not caused by the people at all, but it was caused mostly by capitalist nations such as the United States of America and Great Britain. First World nations actively, but not necessarily consciously, cause a state of dependency through many different international policies including economics, media control, politics, etc. Poor nations provide wealthy nations, called metropoles, cheap labor, natural resources, and markets to sell their own goods. Without these poorer nations to capitalize on, we could not have the high standard of living we enjoy today. One might wonder why these poorer nations do not realize their mistake and stand up for themselves. As mentioned before, wealthier nations could not enjoy their lifestyle without these poorer nations, and they are not likely to stand by while it is taken away from them. Does this theory stand up in the case of Chile shortly after independence, long before dependency theory came to be? I believe that dependency theory held true during the 19 th century as much as it does today. The spread of this dependency was said to have started along with the industrial revolution and imperialism by European empires around the world due to their superior power and wealth (Wikipedia)
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. It has been argued that dependency had always occurred on a internal level, but by imperialism it was allowed to spread to an international and worldwide scale. This, I feel, made the grip of dependency that much tighter with the isolation of the satellite countries. With this space, the wealthy remained a faceless figure and were free of the worries of peasant revolts like those that occurred during communist revolutions. This control ensures that all profits in underdeveloped countries are absorbed by developed nations and thus avoiding reinvestment and growth. Raúl Prebisch , an Argentine economist, is commonly thought of being the father of dependency theory since he was the first to take a stand against the claims of the modernizationists. Of course modernizationists of the United States considered their theory to be correct since they were the ones on top. After all, who wants to argue with results? Modernizationists say that all societies begin at a universal starting line. The difference is simply that some societies are faster runners
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Dependency Paper (Graded) - Capitalizing Capitalists...

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