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Amazon Group (With Comments) - Anne Bayerle Gabriela...

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1Anne Bayerle Gabriela Jaramillo Will Roper 11/30/07 Consulting Report 1 st Draft Deforestation in Brazil Introduction This consulting report is prepared for Marina da Silva, Brazil’s Environment Minister, providing recommendations regarding the current problem of deforestation in the Amazon as a result of extensive and illegal logging, farming and cattle ranching . We are proposing recommendations that account for Brazil’s need to grow economically while recognizing the requirement to protect the Amazon as a natural resource . Zoning and Increased Enforcement In order to reduce the amount of illegal deforestation and land grabbing, the government should focus on two main tactics: (1) the zoning of specific areas for agricultural, logging and cattle ranching activities; others as reserves, parks and conservation areas; and others as reserves for the indigenous communities and the land they occupy (2) proper enforcement of these zones, boundaries and property ownership in addition to stronger enforcement of the environmental protection laws already in place. The creation of different zones of conservation and development in the Amazon is especially important in light of the implementation of the Avança Brasil
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(Advance Brazil) project from 2000 to 2007. 1 The goals of this project to significantly develop and upgrade the infrastructure in the Amazon, particularly the paving of an additional 6245 km of highways, would provide increased and quicker access to previously undeveloped parts of the Amazon and increase the rate of deforestation. 2 The creation of different zones in the forest would ensure that the land is used most efficiently and that some of the forest is conserved and protected. The Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) would be in charge of designating and enforcing these zones in addition to their present duties of enforcing current environmental laws. However it is known that the IBAMA is relatively under funded and has limited resources to accomplish their job. 3 To increase the enforcement of this agency, the funding will need to be increased. To do this, we propose that some of the funds from the $40 billion Avança Brasil program 4 be redirected to IBAMA to protect against excessive development and destruction as a result of the project. Once initial enforcement increases, fines for environmental law violations can be imposed. These revenues can return to the agency for further funding . Biodiversity 1 Carvalho, Georgia O., Daniel Nepstad, David McGrath, Maria Del Carmen Vera Diaz, Marcio Santilli, and Ana Cristina Barros. "Frontier Expansion in the Amazon." Environment Vol.44, No.3 ( 2 2002), pp. 34-45. 3
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Amazon Group (With Comments) - Anne Bayerle Gabriela...

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