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07FallConsulting Deforest Brazil 2 - Reducing Deforestation...

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1 Reducing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Prepared for Marina da Silva, Brazil’s Minister of the Environment December 2007 By Ann Bayerle Gabriela Jaramillo Will Roper
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Executive Summary Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is occurring at an alarming rate with negative effects socially, environmentally and economically. To reduce deforestation while still allowing Brazil to economically benefit from the industries there we suggest that the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment implement these strategies: (1) create specific areas for agriculture and logging activities and others for conservation while increasing enforcement of these zones and other environmental laws, (2) encourage the certification of business operations by sustainable practice NGOs, (3) the development of ecotourism, (4) conservation because of the medicinal and biodiversity value of the plants (5) the development of local cooperation for conservation. Zoning and Increased Enforcement In order to ensure that land use is most efficient in the Amazon we propose that specific zones designated for conservation and others for logging, farming and cattle ranching activities. These zones would be created based on scientific analyses of topography, soil fertility, and accessibility. In addition we are proposing increased enforcement of these zones and environmental laws by the IBAMA through increased funding. Economic Incentives To encourage sustainable practices among the industries in the Brazilian Amazon we are suggesting that the government encourage relations between business operations and NGOs that certify that they operate in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way. If the timber, beef and soy beans produced in the Amazon had these certifications the products would be sought after by environmentally conscious consumers who are willing to pay a higher price. This would result in higher profits for these industries. Local cooperation for conservation One of the causes of deforestation is logging as a result of bad coordination between the people that live in the rainforest and the decision-makers. Promoting participatory policies and local involvement in conservation trough research, recognition of local rights over the land and participatory policies can have a significant impact in reducing deforestation. Biodiversity The rainforest in the Amazon Basin is arguably one of the most important ecosystems in the world as it helps prevent the effects of global warming by cleaning the air and removing carbon dioxide emissions. The plants there have been the reason for many groundbreaking medical discoveries, yet only a fraction of the plants’ properties has been researched. Native inhabitants are also in danger of losing what is left of their natural habitat. By strengthening the protection programs for all those in the rainforest, Brazil can insure their continued existence in the future. Ecotourism
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07FallConsulting Deforest Brazil 2 - Reducing Deforestation...

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