International Regime Paper (Graded)

International Regime Paper (Graded) - International Regimes...

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1 International Regimes: Opposing Genetically Modified Organisms In the year 1900, European scientists began using a theory of genetic modification to manipulate and improve plant species. The scientists called this process “classic selection,” where a plant of one type is cross-pollinated with a similar plant to produce certain desired characteristics. More than a century later, the world of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has become much more a part of our life than many would have predicted. How has the world population received GMOs in their daily lives? Around the world, people have been taking different stances on this very controversial and intricate subject. Some argue that GMOs are perfectly safe and necessary for world progress. Yet, dozens of countries have been driven by their people to take a different view. These people state that GMOs are not needed and are very unsafe due to the fact that the effects of consumption have not yet been researched fully. It is this fear of discovering health and environmental hazards when it is too late that has driven many countries to end the importing of foods from countries such as Argentina, Canada, and the United States since they produce genetically modified foods. These drastic measures to ensure that these GMOs do not enter certain countries have been pushed by the farmers and self proclaimed “heath nuts” of countries around the world as well as larger organizations such as Greenpeace. After first hearing of the precautions people are asking for, you would think that they were attempting to get countries to contain a deadly virus. Worldwide organizations like Greenpeace say that it is just that. They even go as far as to make the bold statement, “A government’s decision to open their country to genetically modified organisms is nothing short of leading the country to certain disaster (Ho).
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Here in the United States, there is a very small offering of organic foods. One fact many people have yet to realize is that even our “organic” food is partially contaminated with genetically engineered plants. Many feel that the United States has already dug itself in a hole too deep to get out of. Most of the population of Europe feared a similar fate and teamed up to make their voices heard. Farmers were some of the first soldiers in the war against GMOs. Farmers, who wanted to plant crops free of modification, were hindered by other companies
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International Regime Paper (Graded) - International Regimes...

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