Population Bomb Review (Edited)

Population Bomb Review (Edited) - The Population Bomb Dr....

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1 The Population Bomb Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb graphically illustrates to readers the grim and apocalyptic future that lies ahead at the end of the twentieth century for the human race if our population explosion is not brought under immediate control. Wait. What year is it again? Yes, many of the predictions in Ehrlich’s book , published in 1968, may have been a bit outlandish, extreme, and occasionally laughable, but many of the ideas represented in the book were actually correct. While we are still here and food rationing programs have yet to be implemented in the United States, many parts of the world are indeed faced with extreme poverty. Ehrlich thoroughly explains many problems in today’s world: overpopulation, food shortages, and attacks on the environment. He also provides solutions for these problems although usually outrageous, and he himself claims that most cannot be done. Being in the present and reading The Population Bomb, the reader gets to read prophecies of an apocalypse that should have come and gone. Sure today, it is easy to sit back and criticize a man who writes about a 1984 doom’s day that he claims could have come and gone over 20 years ago. But did he really expect this all to occur? His writing of the book clearly shows his concern for the future of our planet and the human race. He also displays frustration throughout the book and his doom’s day theories might simply have been an attempt to frighten people into taking part in the movement to slow the world population growth. This is not to suggest that the
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Population Bomb Review (Edited) - The Population Bomb Dr....

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