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[30] Homework 6. Programming Project The goal of this assignment is to understand recursive programs and analyze them. Run the following recursion (written in a pseudo-code) for n = 2, 2 3 , 2 9 , 2 81 , and 2 243 . function fun(n) if ( n 2) then return (1) else return (5 + fun( 3 n )) Your job is to: Implement the above function and have it print out the following (you should print these values each time you run your program for various values of n ): 1. Calls Count : The number of recursive calls to the above function (the initial call is counted). 2. Returned Value : The Fnal value returned by the function.
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Unformatted text preview: • Determine theoretically both the number of calls and the value returned in terms of n . That is, construct two recurrence relations each describing one of these values for a general n . Use telescoping to solve these recurrence relations ( Hint : Let T ( n ) be the time complexity (frequency count) for the above algorithm and F ( n ) be the value returned by the function fun . Write a recurrence and then solve it.) • Compare printed values with the theoretical results in each case. 1...
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