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[40] Homework 9 : Discrete Probability [10] Show that if A and B are independent events, then ¯ A and ¯ B are also independent events. [10] What is the probability of a Fve-card poker hand contains the ace of hearts? [5] What is the conditional probability that exactly four heads appear when a fair coin is ±ipped Fve times, given that the Frst ±ip came up tails?
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Unformatted text preview: [15] . Let X n be the random variable that counts the dierence in the number of tails and the number of heads when n coins are ipped. Assume that the coins fair, that is, heads and tails occur with the same probability equal to 1 / 2. Compute E [ X n ] and Var [ X n ]. 1...
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