Where jobs are scarce and bellies are empty

Where jobs are scarce and bellies are empty - Where jobs...

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Where jobs are scarce and bellies are empty James Doran The Observer , Sunday March 30 2008 Article history In vast swathes of the Midwest, working families are turning in desperation to food handouts and loan sharks James Doran Sunday March 30 2008 The Observer There are troubling signs across America that the deepening economic crisis engulfing the country is taking a terrible and historic toll on its people, as growing numbers of once-affluent middle-American families resort to desperate measures to make ends meet. Who would believe that tens of thousands of working families in this, the world's biggest economy, would have to rely on food handouts once meant only for the most unfortunate in society? Or that times are so tough that in some parts of America high-street banks have shut up shop completely, leaving millions of people with no access to credit or financial services other than the cutthroat offerings of legal loan sharks? But these are the financial facts of life in large areas of the US, in states such as Ohio and Michigan, where tens of thousands of people worked until relatively recently making cars, refrigerators, air- conditioners and the countless other manufactured goods on which 20th-century American prosperity was built. Now that many of those jobs have been shipped overseas where labour is cheap, a large number of the families that once lived a comfortable middle-American life are wondering, literally, where the next meal is coming from. Ohio has been particularly hard hit. The state's unemployment rate was 5.3 per cent in February, way above the 4.8 per cent national average. The area known as the Rust Belt, which includes much of north- west Ohio and some of Michigan - the heartland of the US car industry - had average unemployment of
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Where jobs are scarce and bellies are empty - Where jobs...

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