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History quiz #3 - 620 Racial Tensions During War in Cuba,...

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quiz # 3 On Monday March 10 you'll watch episode 3 of AMERICA 1900. From this and your text I'll ask you to write either on African Americans' response to racism (Booker T Washington v WEB DuBois) or on American missionary efforts and the Boxer Rebellion in China. You will make your choice. more direction for quiz # 3 For quiz # 3 you should be using material on p 605 Rise of Jim Crowe, p 607 on Booker T Washington, p
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Unformatted text preview: 620 Racial Tensions During War in Cuba, and then pp 644-5 on W E B Du Bois and Jack Johnson if you'll be writing on American racism If you'll be writing on the Boxer Rbellion in China go to p 613 - Missionaries as well as Social Darwinism, p 623 Rise of Race, p 624 on Open Door/Boxer rebellion/Mission....
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