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P APER T WO : E XPLORATORY E SSAY Final draft due Thursday, March 13 Value: 100 points Page Requirement: at least 4 pages At the end of Unit Two, a four page exploratory essay will be due. As with the personal essay, it should begin with descriptive storytelling that illustrates your involvement in the controversy. Two sources that come from different perspectives on the issue should be incorporated. You will be expected to summarize and analyze each source, weigh its merits, what it leaves out, etc., and reach, by the end of the essay, a conclusion or productive new question on the subject. The essay should conclude by suggesting how your argument is significant, by looking to the future of your argument, or by raising intriguing possibilities that your paper is not big enough to address. After the last page of your essay, you must provide a works cited page with correct MLA citations for the sources you use in your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Using research in this essay: In order to show that there is an issue herethat others have thought about this subject, question, or problem, and have questions about it like you doyoull need to conduct research. Youll use library databases to find two or more credible sources that consider the issue from differing perspectives. You will consider how they relate to your issue and evaluate the merits and limitations of their approaches to that issue. You may use sources not drawn from library databases for this paperjust make sure the source is credible. Consult me if you have questions. You dont want primarily informational sources for this paper . Instead, you want opinions or arguments. By including sources with different positions, you clearly show that theres an issue to be debated. You will be asked to turn in your sources with the essay....
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