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Peer-Editing Document

Peer-Editing Document - development The response section of...

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Exploration Essay Rubric (100 Points) Minimal Competent Exemplary Content and Organization of the Essay The essay focuses on a specific topic that is  identified at the end of the first paragraph Introduction:  Tells a descriptive story/Shows  the writer’s personal connection to the topic Conclusion:  Provides an overview of the  paper/Includes a clear, developed thesis  statement that makes an arguable claim about  the topic The essay uses transitions to flow from one  point/source to the next and uses signal phrases  successfully to introduce quotes and  paragraphs smoothly The essay is organized, coherent, and  complete, not randomly put together The summaries are developed and follow the  SPRUCED criteria The writer’s voice is apparent in the response  section of the paper, and the response reflects a  high level of critical thought and idea 
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Unformatted text preview: development The response section of the paper stays focused on the articles Outside Sources After quotes or paraphrases, the writer explains the relevance of the source material to the argument The paper uses correct in-text citations to ensure that there is no plagiarism The paper contains a correctly formatted works cited page with at least two credible sources Mechanical and Grammatical Correctness/Spelling The essay is well-edited and does not suffer from issues related to grammar, mechanics, usage, or spelling All sentences are complete and correctly punctuated, and the word choice is thoughtful and appropriate The essay is formatted according to the instructions for MLA style The essay meets the page requirement of at least four pages Additional comments:...
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Peer-Editing Document - development The response section of...

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