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Unformatted text preview: P APER O NE : P ERSONAL E SSAY Final draft due Thursday, February 7 Value: 100 points Page Requirement: at least 2 pages The goal of this essay is to use compelling description, followed by thoughtful commentary, to draw limited conclusions on a subject of personal interest to you. Your paper can explore a personal experience that caused you to grapple with a problem, re-think an earlier assumption, recognize a contradiction in your own thinking or behavior, or develop a strong point of view about a particular issue, problem or trend that you’ve observed in society or in the media. The key word here is personal; the subject should resonate with you. Avoid the typical hot topics, such as abortion and gun control, unless they mean something to you personally. You will build off this essay for both your exploratory and final argumentative essays, so choose your subject wisely. Make sure to select a topic that will be broad enough for three papers. This paper must be written specifically for this a topic that will be broad enough for three papers....
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