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Multiple Choice. 4 points each. Identify the letter of the one choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. If more than one choice is selected, no points will be awarded. 1. What is the empirical formula of a hydrocarbon (a compound that consists of only carbon and hydrogen) that contains 81.7% carbon by mass? A. C 2 H 6 B. C 3 H 8 C. C 4 H 10 D. C 5 H 12 E. none of these 2. 137 Ba 2+ has A. 56 protons, 56 neutrons, 56 electrons B. 56 protons, 81 neutrons, 54 electrons C. 56 protons, 81 neutrons, 58 electrons D. 56 protons, 137 neutrons, 58 electrons E. 56 protons, 81 neutrons, 56 electrons 3. Which element can be classified as an alkaline earth metal? A. Al B. Mg C. Ag D. Au E. Na 4. Chlorine has two naturally ocurring isotopes - chlorine-35 and chlorine-37. Calculate the approximate natural abundance of chlorine-37 given the following data. Average mass of chlorine = 35.453 amu Mass of chlorine-35 = 34.971 Mass of chlorine-37 = 36.970 A. 24% B. 2% C. 35% D. 76% E. The natural abundance cannot be determined without more information. 5. A sample of copper weighing 6.93 g contains how many moles of copper atoms? A. 9.17 moles
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e1_s07 - CHE 131 Exam 1 Spring 2007 Multiple Choice 4...

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