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F07 131 Advice - Advice for CHE 131 Students often ask us...

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Advice for CHE 131 Students often ask us for advice on how to do better in General Chemistry at Stony Brook. The undergraduate staff members of the Chemistry Learning Center completed these courses with excellent grades. Here is what they recommend. In general: Plan to devote 9-12 hours each week to studying chemistry. Be sure to get enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition always, but particularly before exams. Understand the material from each lecture before the next lecture, from each week before the next week, and from each exam before the next exam. If you get stuck, get help from your friends and classmates or the Chemistry Learning Center. Before and during lecture: Read the text to identify key points and note things that are confusing. If available, print the lecture notes and take them to class to make note-taking easier. During lecture, listen carefully, and take notes.
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