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F07 131 Information - General Chemistry I - CHE 131 Fall...

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General Chemistry I - CHE 131 – Fall 2007 People: Lectures will be given by Professors Andreas Mayr and Carlos Simmerling. Workshops are coordinated are coordinated by Dr. Brad Tooker and staffed by talented undergraduates. Co-requisites: MAT 125 or higher. Resources: Text: Chemistry, 3rd Ed. by Moore, Stanitski, and Jur (Thomson, 2008) Workshop Activities: Foundations of Chemistry, 3 rd Ed. by Hanson (Pacific Crest, 2008) Response Pad (Radio Frequency) (E-Instruction) for in-class questions and quizzes Scientific Calculator with the ability to calculate powers, logarithms, and anti-logarithms Spare batteries for your response pad and calculator Three-ring binder for homework assignments, lecture notes, and handouts #2 pencils and erasers for exams Lectures: Lectures will be given in Room 100 in the Javits Lecture Center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:40 AM and repeated at 2:20 PM. To gain the maximal benefit from each lecture, complete the reading assignments before the lecture and come ready to think about chemistry. Questions about the course material will be welcome in lecture at all times. A lively round of class discussion will always lead to more informative and more enjoyable sessions. In-Lecture Questions and Problems: Each lecture will include questions regarding the day’s material that you will answer with your response pad as discussed in Instructions for Registering Your Response Pad . Be sure to bring the posted lecture notes, paper, pens or pencils, a calculator, a registered response pad, and spare batteries for both so you can participate. Workshops: Workshops (recitations) use a team-based learning strategy that is described in Workshops for General Chemistry . Read this handout before your first workshop and prepare to raise any questions you may have. Your workshop participation will contribute to your final grade. You must attend the section to which you are assigned. All workshop section changes will be handled through Solar. Be sure to bring your text, pens or pencils, Foundations of Chemistry , and your ring binder to your first workshop. Homework Assignments:
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This note was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course CHE 131 taught by Professor Kerber during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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F07 131 Information - General Chemistry I - CHE 131 Fall...

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