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F07 131 Quizzes - CHE 131 Online Quizzes Each week there...

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CHE 131 Online Quizzes Each week there typically will be three personalized online quizzes due as follows. Monday, 3 PM covering Friday’s lecture Wednesday, 3 AM covering Monday’s lecture NOTE: this is 3 hours after 11:59 PM Tuesday Friday, 3 AM (Thursday night) covering Wednesday’s lecture NOTE: this is 3 hours after 11:59 PM Thursday You will access your quizzes over the internet with any modern web browser. The first quiz covering topics from the first day’s lecture will be due as follows. Day: Friday, September 7 Time: 5:00 PM If you have previously used LUCID, your old password should be the same. If you are new to LUCID, the following guidelines should get you started on your weekly quizzes. 1. Have a valid University email address. Each student is automatically assigned a University email address. However, to activate your account you must go to the Instructional Computing site in the Main Library rm. S-1460. You must use your university email address to register, though you may change this to a preferred email address once you have registered.
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