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F07 131 Response Pad Registration

F07 131 Response Pad Registration - Instructions for...

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Instructions for Registering Your Response Pad for CHE 131 You will need: Class Keys: Morning lecture: Course: CHE 131 Fall 2007 AM Key: N29354D419 Afternoon lecture: Course: CHE 131 Fall 2007 PM Key: N29355L847 Serial number for your response pad (instructions for finding this are at einstruction.com) Your 9-digit Solar ID that you use to log into Solar Connection to the Internet Method of Payment (Credit Card or personal check) You may have an Enrollment Code/coupon from a new McGraw Hill text or your school bookstore, though there is none for this course. If you do, enroll in that course first. Enrolling through CPSOnline 1. Go to www.einstruction.com . 2. Click on the Students link at the top of the window. 3. Select SUNY Stony Brook from the drop-down menu, then click Choose Site. 4. If you already have an e-instruction account: a. Click on the “here” link to sign in. b. Enter your username and password, then click “Sign In”. c. Click “Enroll in a Class”, then follow the instructions under Enroll in a Class below If you do not already have an e-instruction account : a. Enter the serial number for your response pad in the space provided, then click “Create Your Account”. You can find your serial number on your LCD screen when you turn on your pad: if your pad does not have an LCD screen, your serial number is on the back of the pad, under the battery cover. b. Enter your information in the boxes provided, being sure to include your first name and last name. c. Click Submit . You will be asked if you would like to enroll in a class now. d. Click Yes to enroll in this class. Enroll in a Class 1. Enter the Class Key (see above) in the space provided. Because there are so many students in each lecture session, it is very important that you enter the class key for the lecture section in which you are registered and attend that lecture.
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