Lec-02-Chap-01-2 - Lecture 02 About Matter Elements and...

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1 Lecture 02 About Matter: Elements and Compounds 1.7 Nanoscale Theories and Models 1.8 The Atomic Theory 1.9 The Chemical Elements 1.10 Chemical Symbols 1.11 Lecture 02, Knowledge and Skills • Know the difference between elements and compounds • In many compounds, the elements occur in simple, fixed ratios • Work with different length scales • Know the symbols for the decimal system • Use the kinetic theory to describe solids, liquids, and gases on the nanoscale • Know the basic tenets of the atomic theory • Classify elements by type • Know what allotropes are • Know some allotropes, e.g., of carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur • Work with chemical symbols Elements and Compounds Cannot be separated by physical means Compounds can be separated by chemical means Elements consist of a single type of atom Compounds consist of two or more different types of atom Single type of atom here means each atom has the same number of electrons and protons Elements Elements cannot be separated into matter consisting of different types of atom. Except for the noble gases, the atoms of elements interact with each other, i.e., form chemical bonds. (In some elements the atoms may be arranged in more than one way >>> allotropes.) All elements are listed in the periodic table of the elements Compounds Example: Heat sugar >>>
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Lec-02-Chap-01-2 - Lecture 02 About Matter Elements and...

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