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MC2 Final Paper - Smith 1 Joe Smith Josh Rosen Psychology...

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Smith 1 Joe Smith Josh Rosen Psychology 101 Mini-Course 2 19 November 2004 Elements of Attraction Present Throughout Life Throughout my entire life, I have found that attraction and its elements have played a very important role in my development as a person. The earliest element of attraction to be found is the formation of a mental model. As a child, my mental model of women developed based on the first one I knew, my mother. This is an example of the primacy effect. A man’s mother tends to be the strongest impression of women for most men. After a few years of being raised around just my family, I was finally introduced to elementary school. It’s here that attraction plays a serious role in my life. This is where my field of eligible individuals expands significantly. As a child, though, my uses for it are simply limited to friendships. Being arranged mostly by the first letter of our last names, I am surrounded by the same people everyday for 6 years. As I see them everyday, they become more and more familiar. Eventually, I come to like those people even if I don’t really talk to them as much, and whenever I see them anymore, I feel like I have a bond with them. Those people that I did associate with as a child are some of my best friends to this day, because I know them the best and they are the most familiar people to me. The “field of eligibles” is shown in a study of students in a police officer training course. Such students had friends that were next them in lineup. My associations with the people I now know are most likely partially due to the mere exposure effect. As I saw those people day after day, I came to like them more than those people
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Smith 2 that I didn’t see so often. In 1992, Moreland and Beach performed a study in which college
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MC2 Final Paper - Smith 1 Joe Smith Josh Rosen Psychology...

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