APK4125 mid term - Greg Smith APK 4125 Lab Mid-Term 1. -The...

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Greg Smith APK 4125 Lab Mid-Term 1. -The subject should be seated in a chair with a back rest for 5 minutes. The manometer should be clearly visible and close to eye level. You would then select an appropriate cuff size so that the lower edge of the cuff is about 1 inch above the antecubital space. While placing the cuff around the arm you should make sure that the cuff wraps around at least 80% of the arm. The center of the bladder should be over the brachial artery. The subject, while still sitting, would position his arm on the table to match the antecubital space with the level of the heart. Then you would place the bell of the stethoscope firmly over the brachial artery along the medial side of the antecubital space. Begin to inflate the cuff by turning the air release clockwise to 160 mmHg or 20 mmHg above the known systolic pressure. Once the cuff is inflated, turn the air release counterclockwise so that the pressure decreases at a rate of 2 to 3 mmHg per second. Listen for phases 1, 4 and 5 and continue listening for 10 mmHg below the last sound to confirm disappearance. Finally, rapidly deflate the cuff. -Phase 1 is considered the systolic pressure or the first sound that you hear. Phase 4 is the diastolic pressure or the muffling sound. Phase 5 is the clinical diastolic pressure which is when there is no more sound. The 4 th phase is closer to the actual invasive diastolic pressure, but the 5
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APK4125 mid term - Greg Smith APK 4125 Lab Mid-Term 1. -The...

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