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Motor Learning lab - had to start the running motion sooner The change from walking to running can be explained by the motor program theory Walking

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Greg Smith Lab Report 1: Spontaneous Gait Transitions The point of this procedure was to examine when the participant would begin to run at increasing speeds. We started off with having the participant standing on the treadmill as I started the speed at 3 mph. While increasing the speed every 15 seconds to a top speed of 6 mph, I observed the participant to determine when they started to begin running. I was able to determine when the participant began to run by the motion of their body. When they started off walking, the arms were by their side with one foot always touching the ground. When they began their running motion, the arms started to swing by their side and there was an airborne phase when neither foot was touching the ground. I determined this to be at a speed of 4.5 mph for the first three trials and at 4 mph for the last two trials. I believe this happened because as the participant began to fatigue, they
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Unformatted text preview: had to start the running motion sooner. The change from walking to running can be explained by the motor program theory. Walking and running are controlled by different generalized motor programs. The change from walking to running occurs because the participant chooses to change from the program that controls walking to the program that controls running. As I observed in this experiment, the participant could only walk up to a speed of 4.5 mph until they decided to begin the running motion. As the trials were repeated, the speed at which they began to run was very consistent. The participant was prepared to start running at the same speed since they had done so in the previous trials. They have predetermined how fast they can walk until they decide to begin running....
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