E102 cheat sheet

E102 cheat sheet - John Novotny Excel matrix operations...

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Unformatted text preview: John Novotny Excel matrix operations Basic MATLAB Polynomials, derivatives, interpolation Plotting Line specifiers and Properties functions script files A colon references a range of cells|$ before a row or column means it doesnt change| average is the mean function in excel| if (statement,true,flase) | Determinant of an identity matrix is 1| the inverse doesnt exist if the determinant is 0| (A11*A21) (A12*A22) = determinant of a 2x2 matrix| cross product is not communitive| dot product is communitive| A=[ I J K ] B= [ L M N ](I*L) (J*K) (K*N) = dot product of A,B| Magnitude of A = sqrt( I^2 + J^2 + K^2 )| the angle between two vectors is the inverse cosine(dot product of A & B / Magnitude A * Magnitude B)| min and max by themselves only give the max or min for a row| min(min) and max(max) gives you the max or min of the entire matrix| Cross Product A B = ( A y B z A z B y ) + ( A z B x A x B z ) + ( A x B y A y B x ) k| 3 elements in each vector of cross and dot product| When doing element by element operations put the period before the operator ex: x.^2| the adjoint is [ d b c a ] | 1 over the determinate times the adjoint of matrix = the inverse| MATLAB executes commands in script files top to bottom| Cant use command names as variable names| AND always picks false| OR always picks True| 1 is true \ 0 is...
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This note was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course ENG 102 taught by Professor Shahab during the Summer '08 term at WVU.

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E102 cheat sheet - John Novotny Excel matrix operations...

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