Lung Function Testing and Application

Lung Function Testing and Application - Lung Function...

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Lung Function Testing and Application – Study Guide 1. Briefly describe what challenges swimming, cycling and running pose to the respiratory system. Swimming causes 29% reduction in inspiratory muscle function due to fatigue. The chest is immersed requiring increased inspiratory muscle force and effort. Cycling cause a fluid shift – causes a reduction in pulmonary blood volume and higher blood volume in the legs. During the run blood volume is shifted to the chest and the peripheral pump increases pulmonary blood volume. 2. Know the meaning of minute ventilation, breathing frequency, ventilatory equivalent, ventilatory threshold Minute ventilation – the amount of air inspired or expired in one minute Breathing frequency – the number of breaths taken each minute, also referred to as respiratory rate Ventilatory equivalent – the ratio of ventilation to oxygen consumption. Often written as O2 VE. Ventilatory threshold – point at which ventilation increases its slope. Originally termed anaerobic threshold 3. Be able to identify the features of the graphs associated with each of the above Minute ventilation increases linearly with increased exercise intensity in order to rid the body of CO2 and provide more oxygen. Typically MV ranges from 5 L/min at rest to 70 to 125 L/min. The rise in breathing frequency with increased exercise intensity is gradual at low and moderate intensity but rapid at high intensity. A typical range is from 10 to 20 breaths per minute at rest. At maximal exercise BF ranged from 40 to 55 breaths per minute. The ventilatory equivalent remains relatively constant during subventilatory threshold exercise. At rest about 20L to 25L of air is inhaled for each liter of oxygen
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Lung Function Testing and Application - Lung Function...

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