Med. Relations Notes (March 19th)

Med. Relations Notes (March 19th) - Miriam...

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Press Kits: Press Kit Might Include: Table of Contents (use only if necessary) Fact Sheet Backgrounder: Contact info,company facts, product descriptions, Rate/Price info History Bio: The people Association Affiliation/Awards Press/News Release Clients and Testimonials Sample news stories/artices by other sources diagrams/graphs to backup information photographs ~ the people ~the products Fact Sheet: 1 page Backgrounder Information: 3-7 pages ~Company History, Info, Product Descr. ~Bios of the people ~awards, associations Press/News Release: 1-2 pages max (have pointers to consider for a press release, slide is on the public folder/book pg.39 and class notes) 3 part press kit due, Wednesday 3/26 Fact Sheet Backgrounder-biography only ---> on me the new professor (can be completely made up) you can find a biography sheet on the public folder/book pg.40 or another way is: PIC of ME then paragraph form about self Never in first person press release * Hot News: New Course being launched in the Hospitality College. New Professor: You (me)
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Unformatted text preview: * Miriam Weinstein (releasing the news, located on the providence campus) Media Relations Spet (follow the inverted triangle ) Fact Sheet: (1 page)(pg.41 in the book) ~ all key facts relevant to "hot news"! ~ bullets (easy to read at-a- glance) ex. Fact Sheet (xavier aud.) ~ location ~ construction company ~ cost ~ company ~ max. capacity ~ what's it going to look like (description) ~ recent events ~ price of rental ~ mgmt: ops ex. Fact sheet (lion king @ ppac) ~ show facts ( history) ~ productions ~ actors ~ show open dates ~show attendance (hist) ~ ticket prices ~ special highlights ~ VIP/meet and greet ~ awards press kits: extra pertinent info, but not earth- shattering. ..providing editor information increases possibilities of being picked up. Deciding to go public: SEE HANDOUT Advertising Vs. Public Relations: SEE HANDOUT...
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Med. Relations Notes (March 19th) - Miriam...

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