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Journal 1 - are sad This also pertains to drugs that are...

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Journal #1 “A Meaningful Life” To me, a happy/good/meaningful life is something thateveryone should work really hard to accomplish. When I see someone thatis not helping themselves by doing drugs and doing other stupid stuff puts a negative tone in my mind. I think thata meaningful life and a happy/good life are somewhat different. A meaningful life to me is one where other people can benefit from the example or the path thatI create during my life. Having someone say thatthey are inspired by me would be a reason to title my life as meaningful. Knowing thatI live the life thatsomeone else finds to be a good one is the definition of meaningful to me. If someone idolizes a person who does a lotof drugs, then I also guess thatthatwould be considered meaningful to a point. The line between meaningful and good is sometimes very thin. A good life, to me, is one in which you are happy with the day to day happenings of your life. A happy/good life could also be defined as one where you are happy significantlymore than you
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Unformatted text preview: are sad. This also pertains to drugs that are used to make us chemically happy. People that need drugs to have a happy life are not at all happy. Mass media are sometimes double sided when it comes to happy and sad lives. Goth music is pertained to be negative, kill everything with a pulse kind of message. These things could impact people to lead unhappy lives. Other things like showing people in good moods can be an uplifting message. Even then, the view of the meaningful/happy/good life is different with each person’s perspective. Back to the drug reference, a person that is high or stoned on drugs is going to think that his life is a good one. But when that drug is taken from him and he goes through withdrawal, his life is going to be terrible. The drug is what made him happy, and without it he is miserable. We see it as something that the person could live without, but he does not. The perspective is what matters....
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