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Journal #2 “Is Happiness More Important Then Meaning?” In my last journal, I described my thoughts on what I thought a happy life was and what a meaningful life was. But the true question is whether the happiness part of your life is more important than the fact if it was meaningful or not. Happiness is the sense of either feeling elated over a long period, or the fact that your life has produced more good outcomes then bad. A person that is happy may not be leading a meaningful life, but which one is more important in truly living a “good” life? I know I keep going back to the drug guy, so I’ll go to someone else. Let’s say a white male that’s the leader of a supremacy group. He is happy doing what he does by eradicating what he sees to be an ‘inferior race’. But to me, he is not leading a meaningful life. This is not the life that normal people would want to embark upon as their career choice.
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Unformatted text preview: The man believes that he is leading a meaningful life but he is not. The true question is whether this man’s happiness is more important than meaning. I think that it is not. In my eyes, a happy person is someone who makes themselves and everyone around them happy. It is someone with a sturdy base and someone who knows how to operate his/her life while being positive. A meaningful life is seen as a life where your legacy can be left for others to enjoy. Having people remember you for something positive that you did in your life is more important than a happy life. Some of the most mournful people in history left a meaningful thing in which people respect. Edgar Allen Poe was depressed all the time but he left his poems, which to many people are meaningful. He is thought to lead a very important life because of it. The amount of meaning in your life is more important than happiness, not the other way around....
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