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Journal #3 “Changing the Mind” At first glance, the question of whether or not I would change my mind in order to be happier seemed to be an obvious one. The natural reaction of people is doing what makes you happy, or what you think will make you happy. If someone figures out if they changed their personality a little then they would be happier, I think at first glance they would jump on the opportunity. Now that I’m thinking about the question at hand, I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to change who you are in order to be happier. If you are already in a positive state of mind, which I am, you shouldn’t risk changing your personality to be happier. W hat if, by chance, you changing your personality take you away from your friends and family? This could lead to unhappiness very easily. If changing the way you dress separated you from something that you really like or thought was cool, that could be detrimental. Also, if you decided that it was your
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Unformatted text preview: friends making you unhappy, and you decide not to be friends with them anymore, then you could go through more unhappiness with no friends at all. If you are unhappy, making sure that you dont make drastic decisions is important. Knowing what to change and knowing how to do it would be the main thing. I think that if you are unhappy, then maybe changing your personality could be a way of getting happier and more satisfied with your life. Knowing beforehand how your life is going to change if you make these changes to your life should be a big factor whether or not you should try it. So basically, since I am happy with my life, I dont think I would take the risk of changing my personality to reach peak happiness. I am comfortable enough with my life and everything that encompasses that in order to like who I am. If I was unhappy, then maybe I would reconsider the decision. So change is bad for the happy person, but good for the unhappy person....
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