kazezauthenticityrq - . 2. [Person 1] 3. [Person 2] On pp....

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Meaning, Happiness and the Good Life • Cathal Woods Reading Questions on Kazez on Authenticity Reading: Kazez pp. 51-4. Background: In these pages, Kazez presents the idea of the "experience machine" which was dreamt up by a philosopher called Robert Nozick. Kazez's aim is to show that authenticity (leading a real life) is important to us, even if we could be happier by leading an unreal life. This is as somewhat difficult section, so you will need to read it a few times. 1. What is the key difference between the situation in The Matrix and Nozick's experience machine? (p. 51) Once you thoroughly understand the experience machine, describe it to two friends (one at a time) and ask each of them "Would you sign up?" Record their answers and the reasons they offer for their choice
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Unformatted text preview: . 2. [Person 1] 3. [Person 2] On pp. 53-4 Kazez tries to argue for the claim (p. 54) that 'If I'm right now living a bad life, without knowing it, that's bad for me , even if I do not know it.' The next two questions are about this argument. 4. Explain (i) in what ways the person inside the experience machine is living a bad life (p. 53) and (ii) explain why these problems do not feel like problems to the person inside the experience machine. 5. Kazez uses the example (pp. 53-4) of a person in permanent vegetative state (PVS) to make her point that even if I don't experience what is bad, it can still be bad for me . Do you agree with Kazez that being in a PVS is bad for the person in the PVS? Explain why/why not....
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kazezauthenticityrq - . 2. [Person 1] 3. [Person 2] On pp....

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