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Chap 1 Eco 6 - Introduction of grazing lands to desert over...

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of grazing lands to desert over much of Africa, and the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which ishaving a global impact on climate. Plants, animals, and microorganisms play different roles in ecological systems The largest and most conspicuous forms of life, plants and animals, perform a large share of the energy trans- formations within the biosphere, but no more so than the countless microorganisms in soils, water, and sediments. The characteristics that distinguish plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria have important implications for the way we study and come to understand nature because different kinds of organisms have different functions in natural systems (Figure 1.4). Secondary symbiosis involving the capture ~f red algae provided photosynthesis capability. Common ancestor ~ , Eukaryote~ wobabl):' evolved when on; proka;;~o~~..engulfed another and "hijac~ei its biochemical processes~fqr: its own advantage.
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