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Meaning, Happiness and the Good Life • Cathal Woods Reading Questions on Happiness vs. Success Reading: Nettle pp. 141-154, 161-169 Background: Ch. 5 showed that the brain's wanting system causes us to continually pursue goods, and that we incorrectly anticipate the impact of what we want on our happiness, even though our pleasure from any given good lasts only a short time. In Ch. 6 Nettle argues that in fact there is a good reason why our brains are constructed in this way. 1. What beliefs do marketing executives (of self-help books) prey upon? (p. 142-4)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Why has natural selection made our emotions of fear, shame and ostracism so strong? 3. What is Nettle's explanation for why people might have forgotten to do the things they enjoy? 4. Why is it not in our interest not to remain (too) unhappy? [More interesting question, to think about: Why does Nettle insert the word "too", in "too unhappy"?] 5. So why not just drop out and (as Nettle suggests on p. 152) be happier "not caring about your promotion and going and building boats or doing volunteer work instead."?...
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